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Vorepass software

Whether you use it to fight cybercrime and fraud or to enhance cybersecurity, accelerate your investigations by making your searches automatic.

Find information quicker

Data on the web grows exponentially and a manual search takes a lot of time. The search software Vorepass allows investigators and law officials to rapidly find data and focus exclusively on analysing it. Whether you’re a bank, a police officer or a parapublic organisation, you will be able to access the information you’re looking for. Regardless if it is for cybersecurity, for fighting cybercrime or fraud (money laundering, mafia connections, scam artists, criminal background check, permit validation, finding suspects who hide under different names, etc.), This software will allow you to automate your searches, effectively eliminating this part of the investigation process.



An exhaustive and pertinent tool that accelerates your investigations

Vorepass queries search engines and databases in one click. It finds information normally not accessible by common search engines. The software can adapt to any kind of researches (people, companies, stock market, etc.)
Vorepass offers unlimited access to information, from any countries. You can customize and add your own sources of information without any space or query limits.
The pertinence and exhaustivity of the search results allow you to find the plentiful details on the Web, whether it is to counter cybercrime or fraud.

Simple and fast

You enter your query. Vorepass searches hundreds of websites, blogs, social networks, company databases (REQ, Strategis, and other American and Canadian databases), court decisions via Canlii and many other government databases.
In less than 60 seconds, the software creates the desired profile :

  • From a website address


  • Name of a person


  • Company name


  • Email and variants


  • Nicknames of a person


  • Phone numbers


  • Others


You can filter, sort and save your search results.



Privacy is taken seriously

Privacy is a crucial aspect for investigators. Vorepass has been designed to prevent access to any information from any third parties.

Services offered by  JLR for Vorepass

  • Technical support: a dedicated, flexible team is available to answer all your questions


  • Tutoring on how to use the software and how to do investigations on the web


  • Weekly updates: new software features and update of the sources of information


If you’re interested by the Vorepass software, contact us.

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